Arthurian Scotland Introductory Bibliography

Selected bibliography for further reading on the Scottish Arthur.

Arthurian Scotland Introductory Bibliography

Ardrey, A 2007 Finding Merlin Mainstream Edinburgh

Carroll, D F 1996 Arturius: A Quest for Camelot D F Carroll Coxhill

Crighton R 2013 On the Trail of King Arthur Luath Edinburgh

Glennie, J S 1994 Arthurian Localities in Scotland Llanerch Reprint Felinfach Wales

Hope.A D 1970 A Midsummer Eve’s Dream Oliver&Boyd Edinburgh

McArthur, H  2010 The Arthurian Lake and Arthur’s Battle Against the Whirlpool from

McCall A & W1997 Artur, Gwenwhyvawr and Myrddin The Pentland Press Durham

McHardy, S A 2012 King Arthur’s Sword and other Arthurian Tales (Kindle) The Loaby Press Edinburgh

McHardy,S A 2001 The Quest for Arthur Luath Press Edinburgh

McHardy S A 2003 The Quest for the Nine Maidens Luath Edinburgh

Mackenzie,D A 1935 Scottish Folk Lore and Folk Life Blackie&Son Glasgow

Moffatt. A 1999 Arthur and the Lost Kingdoms Weidenfeld&Nicolson London

Randall, J 1987 Arthur and Merlin: The Tweeddale Connection Selkirk

Skene.W.F1988 Arthur and the Britons in Scotland ed. Bryce Llanerch reprint Felinfach Wales

Skene, W.F 1868 The Four Ancient Books of Wales Edmonston a & Douglas Edinburgh

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