Arthurian Scotland Introductory Bibliography

Selected bibliography for further reading on the Scottish Arthur.

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Introduction from The Quest for Arthur By Stuart McHardy Luath Press, Edinburgh 2003

Although the figure of King Arthur is known throughout the world it is little appreciated that the original stories about this great heroic figure seem to derive from that area of North Britain known since the ninth century as Scotland. Arthur is seen as in some way a typical English or Welsh figure while the scanty evidence of Arthur as a historical figure actually points to his northern origin. Just as the original mythological figure was that of a tribal hero, so the historic figure of the early sixth century was the leader of a war band rather than a king. The idea of the British king fighting off invaders from the Continent which is at the heart of most later developments of the Arthurian material is no longer sustainable in the light of modern scholarship. I put forward a different potential reason for Arthur’s twelve battles.


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King Arthur’s Sword and other Arthurian Tales

KIng Arthur's Sword and other Arthurian Tales

Author, historian and folklorist Stuart McHardy, writer of a New History of the Picts and A Quest for Arthur, delves deep into the myths and traditions of Arthurian history to bring us a collection of tales of the western worlds most enduring man of legend: King Arthur.