Arthur and the Dragon

This story is found in King Arthur’s Sword: A Collection of Arthurian Tales

Now amongst his other skills Arthur was a great slayer of Dragons and other monsters. Having rid Britain of such foul creatures he had been asked by Hoel. Duke of Brittany to help him, for Brittany at the time was at the time much cursed with these creatures. Now at a place called Lieue de Greve on the Breton coast there was a particular dragon that was extremely cunning and had resisted all efforts to kill it, or drive it away. It inhabited a great cavern that was so deep, that when it retired into its depths, always being sure to walk backwards in its own tracks, people were fooled into thinking the beast had fled. When Arthur came with a company of his companions to the cave this is just what happened. They camped outside the cave for several days but when there was no sight of the monster they assumed that it had disappeared. They camped some distance away and after many days of checking the cave and finding no sign of the beast they were thinking of leaving and heading back to Britain when one day they saw a sail on the horizon. They soon made out that it was a large coracle, or skin boat, such as had been known in north-west Europe for thousands of years and that it was heading for where they were. When the coracle sailed up directly onto the beach the crew stepped ashore led by a tall, powerful and graceful young man.  They came up towards where Arthur and his men stood watching and the young man saluted Arthur saying,” Greetings, can you tell us where this is, My name is Efflam, son of the King of Erin and my companions and I have been driven off our course and have been a long time battling the winds and seas.”

Saint-Efflam - Plestin-les-grèves

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